Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ad's tubes

We made it!! Adelyn cried for food and water a little bit but not too bad.

We went back to get her gown on and for them to give her motrin and a sedative. Adam and I knew it was going to be interesting if they tried to give her meds out of syringe because the only way she takes it usually is if she can hold it. Well, she wanted to hold the syringe and so they let her and right when she got it in her mouth Adam pressed the back of it to squirt the medicine in her mouth and at that second she pulled back and the meds went everywhere!! It was awful and funny too.

The surgery was soooo quick. We went to the lobby to wait and literally 5 minutes later the surgeon came to talk with us.

We waited a little longer so she could wake up. When we got to see her she screamed bloody murder for about 20 minutes and then calmed down enough to watch Dora on the iPhone! Ptl!

She's now in the backseat just watching Elmo, eating goldfish, and drinking juice.


Flo said...

Praise The Lord!!!We were praying!

Olga said...

Thats great to hear every thing turned out great! Priase God!