Saturday, April 16, 2011

What a Great Day!

Today was the Girl Talk event that I wrote about a while ago.

Above all else, I feel like God was honored by the event and isn't that what it is all about! :)

I loved the main theme verse,"A wise woman builds her house but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands!"

I want to really spend some time studying that verse.

I love being around high school girls! I just remember that being such a challenging time for me really trying to figure out who I was in Christ.

I also loved getting to sing again. It was such a special day for me.

They did such an amazing job on all of the decor and you know I especially loved it because purple is my favorite color! On a side note, Adelyn now knows how to say "purple" because my friend Emily taught it to her when she kept her the other day. It's so sweet to hear Adelyn say it! I'll try to get a video!

Beth sent me this picture of Annabelle and Ryley playing cooties! Beth was soo amazing to keep our kids all day for free so me and Maly and our husbands could be a part of this special event and Beth even sent me a text about how much she enjoyed it which meant so much to me!

After girl talk was over, the tear down went a lot faster than they thought and so we were able to attend Peter's birthday party as a family which I was very excited about!

He turned 6 and when the cake came out AB said mommy it's a 6 cake! Love it!!

Annabelle loved eating the cake.

And she loved having some company too! We were joking that it looked like they were on a date!

After Peter's party we went to our neighbor Brayden's party. It was at Pump It Up in Plain city! The girls had a blast

But got pretty sleepy and so we had to head home.

We were so glad we got to make it to the party though!

Whew! What a day! And I guess I should add, what a great day!! I forgot my camera today and so these are all IPhone pics but I'm glad I did because I am blogging on my way home! When we get home we are putting the girls to bed and going to sleep! We have another busy day tomorrow!

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