Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunday, SUNDAY

 On Saturday night after our long day, we did the normal bedtime routine and put the A's in bed but Ad just did not want to go to bed. She started crying so hard she was gasping for air...sweet poor baby. I started to freak out a little bit because I hate it when she does that and because I was scheduled to do nursery duty in the morning.

I waited a while longer, we offered Ad snacks and a drink (which she did not take, making me know something was wrong for sure!) and she slept with us for a bit. I felt like I had to decide on Saturday night if I was going to do nursery or not because it was already so late to give someone my duties; I would just hate to leave it until the morning for someone to have to fill in for me. So, while Adelyn was screaming bloody murder I tried to think. See doing nursery is so different from leading worship with Adam.

If I can't be at church because our child is ill; he already knows that and it is no big deal but if someone else is depending on me to be there but I can't, I just start to feel stressed. The Lord reminded me of the verse that the entire girl talk event had been all about that day. It was a wise woman builds her house. I knew that I could drag Adelyn up to church the next day, and she would be whiny and possibly get someone sick but this would not be extremely unusual for our nursery. haha. Or I could put her as my priority and stay home and make sure she got the rest she needed to feel better. It meant putting her needs before mine, in that, I might have to "dump" my nursery responsibility on someone else last minute and just not be concerned about what anyone thought about it and I did that.

It was hard for me but I believe the decision honored God and like I am learning so much lately, pleasing God really all that matters. Doing something out of guilt is not honoring to the Lord. Putting ministry above my family is not honoring to the Lord. It just reminds me of the verse in Galations 1:10 "Am I still trying to win the approval of man or God? If I am still trying to win the approval of man, I am not a servant of Christ." Everything with God is so black and white a lot of the time. Here he says, "Please me or them, but you can't do both!" I love it! It makes me choose and it makes me have to decide to follow God instead of care what others think about me.

Ok, so to a much lighter note, The top picture is of the sweet girls and Derek who came to get AB for church since Ad and I were staying home. The next picture I just love of Adelyn's crazy hair in the bath tub; her hair gets curlier by the day! The next picture is of Annabelle and Daddy after they got back from the Dublin fiance meeting. (The ladies in the nursery really liked Annabelle Adam said! :) ) The next picture is of Adelyn on our way to the dr. :( Poor thing. And I tweeted about this last picture because it is my stack of coupons. Mind you. I had already clipped half of them when I took this picture of what I had left to do! Whew! I tweeted that I had a love/hate relationship with these coupons. That is the truth for sure!!



Adelyn has been absolutely hilarious these days. I just had to post some videos!

Happy Rainy Tuesday! As annoying as it sounds, I am thanking God for the rain today!

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Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

Love this post! You are right, pleasing God is all that really matters. I struggle with guilt over EVERYTHING. It's not easy to be a people pleaser. :)