Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stir Fry Recipe and WInner!

Tonight I wanted to share a recipe. It's a vegetable stir fry. I wish I had a snazzy name for it but I don't. All you will need is three bags of bird's eye veggies. Your choice on which veggie bags. I used broccoli stir fry, baby broccoli, and asparagus stir fry. I will suggest, however, that you do use the bird's eye brand because they have the best quality of frozen broccoli.
So, if you are familiar with my "recipe giving skills," all I can do is explain. List of specific ingredients and quantities are just hard for me. haha. So, first you pour in about a tablespoon of olive oil into a large wok or wok-like skillet.
Next, turn the skillet on medium high and
 pour in all of the veggies.
 Let cook for a good, long time stirring every couple minutes or so.
 Always make sure to scoop up the bottom veggies so they don't get burned.
 The vegetables should start to soften.

 At this point, I add in our desired salt and pepper. That is it. You might have to experiment to see how much salt and pepper you need/want.
 Next, stir some more. It should take a good 15-20 minutes or longer before your vegetables are softened enough. Just taste them and see what you think. After stirring and waiting you have two options. You can drain the remaining liquid or keep it. I usually drain some of it and keep some of it (because you are keeping the olive oil when you do this.)
 Reguardless of if you drain the veggies or not move them to another bowl so that they do not continue to cook. And voila! You have a beautiful veggie stir fry made with only olive oil, veggies, and salt and pepper. We usually eat this dish as a side but you can make it into a meal simply by adding chicken or shrimp. Yum! Also, sometimes we add cheese too. It's best with mozzarella cheese.

*Yields 12 cups of vegetables!*

Nutrition Information for the entire recipe (not just a serving size):
Calories: 682 (so that's 56 calories per cup)
Fat: 14 grams (All coming from the Olive Oil so it's "good" fat :) )
Fiber: 24 grams!
Sodium: none until you add the desired salt

We probably eat this for 3 or 4 days before it is all gone! Enjoy!

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Karrie said...

WOW! you're kidding? I won your book give-away!?!? Thanks so much Ashley! I enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with your family and all the other "old Kirby" people that I love!