Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pig Tails, Burnt Popcorn, & Oh So Much Randomness

I was just loving these sweet little pig tails! Adelyn did not even cry when I put them in this morning!

I also adored the blue dresses the girls wore today. (More on that at the end of this post.) I could not believe that it was so nice today; we LOVED every single second of it!!

Annabelle is looking like such a big girl these days. She was watching Dora in this picture and making the "Adam" face. (Adam, you know I love you!)

When I asked Annabelle if I could take her picture, she requested to stand by the big paper flower we made that said, "Happy Easter!"

I guess I really only get both of them from behind anymore. haha. I love this picture though. They are such sweet sisters.

And these are the only faces I get from Adelyn these days. Gotta love it!

Oh, so much to say and such little time. I'll do the best I can. Here is my randomness in no particular order
1) Adam and I were clipping coupons this afternoon and Annabelle decided to join us since she doesn't nap anymore. I just thought it was hilarious looking and I had to take a picture! She sure does love those scissors though and it scares me to death!
2) Leading the 3-5s in song today went well. I think they had fun for the most part and those little kiddos weren't as intimidating as I thought they would be!
3) Tonight a little girl named Emma came over because she is singing at a program for her school on Thursday night and she wanted me to work on her song with her. When her mom asked me if I would, I was shocked thinking someone would want me to help them sing. I don't know why I still do that. I wonder if my insecurities in that area will ever leave me.
4) After Emma came over, we went to the Moseley's so play on their swing set! I'll post pics tomorrow! The girls had a blast and I sat down on the grass and got bit in the booty by something! YIKES (I know TMI sorry!)
5) After that, I started making popcorn on the stove and we got a knock on the door and my friend Tammy had come by to let Ad play with her dog and Adam and Ab came outside too and we all talked and then a few of our neighbors were all outside and so I went to talk with my neighbor LaDonna for a while. (Of course, Adelyn eyes a juice box in the garage, begged until she got it, swallowed all of it in about 1.2 seconds, and then gave it back to LaDonna. Hilarious and of course hardcore.) All the while, you guessed it, the popcorn was "still popping." Yep, I walked in and our whole house was smoking. I was certain that I had started to burn our house down. God is good. Everything is ok except our whole house reeks of burnt popcorn and probably will for days or weeks. Our neighbors came in and helped us get everything going to get the smell out while A and A and I went to Matt and LaDonna's house. LaDonna gave the girls lots of snacks and we actually got to have really good conversation. She told me that she grew up Methodist. Hmm, I had no idea.
6) I have been learning sooo much lately. One thing that really stuck out to me from a Beth Moore talk I listened to online was about how we could meet someone the exact same age as us; They could be a christian, reading the same devotional and bible as us :), live in a similar area, have as many kids, the same ages, etc etc, in essence be just like us BUT our hearts would never be the same. God made each of our hearts so completely different. Each of our life experiences and even baggage we carry from our past has made our heart the way that it is. The point is that God is the only one that really really truly knows us. Knows our hearts. Knows even motives that we don't know we have. I don't know exactly why this is so comforting to me but I just think. Geez. God knows all of this about me and HE STILL LOVES ME. Wow.
7) God has also been teaching me A LOT about myself in the area of pleasing people. I think I'm a little bit of a people pleaser but I also don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I am so sensitive myself and I just never want to make anyone feel bad. The problem with this is really a question, "Who am I trying to please?" It reminds me of Galatians 1:10, "Am I trying to win the approval of man or of God. If I am still trying to please man, I am not a servant of Christ." Any time, a person is in a place where they "put them self out there" they are risking being judged sometimes even if a person isn't trying to "put themselves out there" they will be judged. I have experienced this on so many levels and in so many ways it would take me hours to expand.  Why do I care about what people think? Because I am seeking their approval instead of resting in God's approval of my motives and heart on the matter. Oh so much to say but I'll stop there.
Jennifer told me today that her mom told her, "You live in a glass house." (because we are pastor's wives) and I have thought about that all day. I do live in a glass house which can be a good thing or a bad thing. A good thing if I strive to love God with all that I am and show it inside the house as well as outside leaning only on Him and causing others to see Him through me. A bad thing if I allow this concept to overwhelm me and cause me to constantly care about people approving what I am doing, saying, how I spend my time, what I am wearing, how I am serving, how I spend my money or discipline my kids. God knows. All that matters is that He knows my heart, even better than I know it myself and I trust Him, I trust Him to lead me in the way HE wants me to go because I desire to please Him and well, that's all that really matters.

That's all. Goodnight!

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