Monday, April 11, 2011

Outside Fun and Other Exciting Things!

As promised! These are our pictures from playing outside yesterday! Adelyn fell down so many times that her knee was so bloody! We had to put lots of band aids on it. It was so fun to see all of her little rolls in her summer clothes!!

I feel like every single post is random. Maybe I am just a random person. I don't know but anyway, I started a new bible study! It's all about Jesus!! I am very excited! This is how it started! So great!!

I also found this picture of Annabelle from last week and just had to post it!! She had these crackers and she was putting them on her eyes and kept telling me that they were her sunglasses! I was cracking up!

We have soooo much going on between now and Easter. This weekend is the purity conference! I am beyond excited about it! Tomorrow we go to our first Easter Egg hunt!! I am excited!

Also, I couldn't decide if I should mention this but of course I should! I am going to be writing for a blog that is a ministry for women! I am very glad, excited, and blessed to have been asked to do this. I prayed about it for a very long time before saying I would commit to it but I feel like it is what I should be doing so here goes! The blog is called a 6:33 Woman based on "Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." The blog can be found here. I will be writing posts mostly on Fridays under the title Fabulous Fridays with Ashley Fisher. (Don't you love it!) I will try to update when I post. I will spend much time preparing and praying before writing and my writing will always center on Christ. I just know I am not worthy but He is worthy. My heart is to tell others and point others to Jesus. That is ultimately why I decided to take this opportunity and thank God for it.

Ok, one more thing! Haha! My sweet mom ordered the girl's Easter dresses from this etsy shop! I LOVE this shop and can't wait to see the girls in their dresses!!! 

This is already so random :) so I'll just mention, don't forget about the Giveaway! :)

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