Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

My sweet girls looked so adorable on Sunday morning. The only way I thought I could get them both in a picture was to sit them on the couch and turn on Dora. haha. You do what you have to right?!
 I mentioned before that I had a lady from nanadesigns on etsy make these dresses and the headband pieces and then I made them into the headbands.
 I was more than pleased at how everything turned out!
 We had a little bit of a crazy Sunday morning but it was ok. I was excited to get to church.
 Annabelle just looked so cute blowing her bubbles. I love those little bubble things because they are spill proof!

 I couldn't resist getting that sweet face.
 My attempt at a shot of the two of us! I love Annabelle's cheese face here and I notice that I have some wrinkles! haha! I'm getting old!
After church while we were waiting for Adam to get home to go to the Fulks, Annabelle played with her "moon dough" from Marmie and PapaDaddy. This stuff is awesome and she LOVES it!
 Ok, so these are the Easter baskets except I forgot I got Adam three bags of coffee and I forgot to put them in his basket!! Opps! I found out the next morning when I walked downstairs to the smell of vanilla biscotti coffee and remembered that was for Adam's Easter. I had put it with the coffee and he found it thinking I had just bought it because. ha!
 Adelyn got a color wonder coloring book. Annabelle used to spend forever coloring with these. Adelyn spent about 20 seconds. Oh and she has a piece of turkey bacon in her hand. She is hilarious.

 Both of the girls had a ball with the bubbles.

It was a wonderful Easter. I got to work in the 3-5s room and our verse for the day was Matthew 28:20 "God is with you always." It was such a great reminder. We said it over and over and over again to them and it spoke to me too, what do you know!?!

Adam said the service was great and we had 330 people! How awesome!

Tomorrow, I am going to start a Thankful Tuesday blog post. God has been teaching me so much on being thankful and it's just overflowing out of me. More on that tomorrow....


Ashley E. said...

Their dresses are so cute!!!

Olga said...

Your girls are so cute! I have to do the samething to get my girls to get their picture taken!

new follower =)