Sunday, March 6, 2011

This and That

Annabelle is such a little princess. It is so sweet. Like I've said before, I always dreamed of having my girly girl and here she is! :)

These pictures of her were from a while ago but I just had to post them!!

We had a good and very busy weekend. I already posted about Gracie' party in the last post but on Friday night Adam and I went on a date and we had sooo much fun! Our girls stayed with Ashley (our babysitter) and she always does such a great job!!

Adelyn wore her pigtails on Saturday. She cried forvever after I put them on so I don't know how often she will be wearing them!

I couldn't help but take a million pictures of them!

Annabelle didn't want to smile for the camera but she was so cute that day so I had to include a picture of her.

This morning Annabelle looked so cute! The girls were matching but I had so much trouble trying to get both of them in a picture.

And lastly, my sweet friend Emily worked in Annabelle's class in the nursery this morning and she sent me this picture. LOVE IT! AB is hilarious!! :)

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