Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Sound Mind and An Expanded Soul

Ok, God just rocked my world this morning as I was studying His word. Of course, this came from a passage I have probably heard at least 100 times in my life!! The verse is 2 Timothy 1:7 "For God did not give us a Spirit of Fear, but a Spirit of Power, Love, and a Sound Mind.

I looked up all the different translations of these verses and was in awe of some of the things that jumped out at me.

Another version said, "God did not give us a spirit of timidity (a mind in servitude or bondage) but of power (to enable us to do what is lawful in His sight), of love (seeking the welfare of others before my own) and of self discipline (self control, good judgment, and sobriety)

In looking at several commentaries I found that sound mind can be defined in soooo many ways. Here are some:

Sound Mind-
prudence and discretion
mind is well-balanced
under the right influences
sees things in their proper proportions and relations
not feverish and excited
everything in its proper place
clear understanding
sound judgment
rectified will
holy passions
heavenly tempers
soul harmonized in all it's powers
completely regulated and influenced so as to think, speak, and act aright in all things
sobriety (Spiritual sobriety or sober mindedness included steadfastness, self control, clarity of
mind, and moral decisiveness
purity, honesty
giving up worldly entanglements which as thorns choke the word

A sound mind is the opposite of fear that causes disorder and confusion.

Focusing on the Sovereign nature and perfect purposes of our eternal God allows believes to control their lives with godly wisdom and confidence in every situation.

WOW!! I listened to a Beth Moore talk at about sound mindedness and that is what spurred on this study.

She also said some great things about sound mindedness. She said that HE (Jesus) is the healer of Your mind! He is your constant source of stability!!

Isaiah 33:6
He will be a sure foundation for your time!

Also, in bible study Jennifer gave us this handout and it was sooo great I just had to share.

Avoiding the Shriveled Soul Syndrome

Author Paul Borthwick identifies two types of people: "enlarged souls" who live with faith filled optimism and "shriveled souls who let themselves become embittered and withered by life's hardships. His nine suggestions for avoiding the "shriveled soul syndrome" are also keys to rooting out bitterness in our lives.

1) Avoid Gossip

Gossip shrinks the soul because it involves us living at the expense of others. We build our identity by tearing others down.

2) Release Bitterness

Bitter people shrivel spiritually as they walk through life under the weight of "apologies owed me."

3) Take Risks

Expanded souls step out in faith. Shriveled souls run when no one is pursuing. Expanded souls believe God and take risks. Shriveled souls live in fear of what might happen.

4) Trust

Living a life of worry guarantees a shrinking soul. When we try to be God by grabbing control, we shrivel because we cannot bear the weight. Enlarged souls live comfortably with the unknown because they can trust God.

5) Don't live for "Stuff"

Keep materialism in check in your life. Those who live for the accumulation of things either by purchasing or constantly longing for what they cannot afford- degenerate into shriveled souls

6) Master Your Appetites

People controlled by cravings will shrink their spiritual capacity because food, lust, or other unchecked desires will take over.

7) Grow Deep

Enlarged souls think about the meaning of life. They look for purpose. Shriveled souls get preoccupied with drivel and then they find their conversations filled with superficiality.

8) Be Generous

Stinginess might enlarge our bank accounts but it shrinks the soul. Celebrate the past, embrace the present, and anticipate the future.

9) Think Globally

Enlarged souls follow the Lord of the universe. Shriveled souls want a village God who attends to their whims. Enlarged souls see their role in serving the world. Shriveled souls make their world the whole world.

"I shall run the way of Your commandments, for You shall enlarge my heart!.) Psalm 119:32

***Avoiding the Shriveled Soul Syndrome is found in the book "Having a Mary Spirit in a Martha World."

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Rachel said...

This is so exactly what I needed to hear tonight. Thank you! Love the new post about Annabelle's bible verse. What a precious reminder of why we (moms) do what we do. Love you all!