Thursday, March 24, 2011

I am officially a SOCCER MOM!

I'm officially a soccer mom (although I will most likely be a dance or cheerleader mom! I guess it's too soon to really tell) I honestly never thought I would own a van, not because I thought I was "too good" because I am not! I just never thought Adam would give in but he did and I am celebrating!! I am so thankful that God provided a second car for us! We had been trading off with one car and I can say that I did not care what kind of car we got as long as we got another one soon BUT we got this awesome van from a family in our church and I love everything about it so far! It reminds me of my old Honda CRV! I love the easy doors and how I don't have to bend over to get my kids in the car. I also like the heated seats and that it is black. :)

So, in lieu of talking about new cars. I thought I would write down all the cars I have had so far and my experiences with them. (Believe me I know that no one cares :) This blog is for me! )

Car #1 Black Honda CRV
I got this car from my aunt when I was 15! :) My brother totaled it.

Car #2 Grey Jeep Liberty
My dad bought this for me brand new! I LOVED it! Traded it with my step mom for her

Car #3 Grey Mercedes Convertible
My step mom gave this to me when I was in college and me and my friends had soooo much fun in it! I got WAY too may tickets in it. I don't think any cops felt bad for a 20 year old driving a Mercedes. ha! We sold this car when I got married because the upkeep was just too expensive.

Car #4 Black Toyota (?) Infinity
I didn't have this one very long. I totaled it when I was 7 weeks pregnant with Annabelle. (One of the scariest days of my life.)

Car #5 White Toyota Avalon
This was my "mom car" until it was apparent that we needed more room. We just sold it a couple months ago.

And here we are at car #6! I hope I can keep this one for way longer than I have any of the other cars!!


Heather said...

Congrats! I have been thinking lately that I want a van. Those automatic doors are really an advantage... :)

Leslie said...

I'm with ya on the car thing...we have a Honda Accord and it is so stinkin hard to get two girls in and out. We may be getting a bigger vehicle soon...we shall see.
Glad you like your van.

Ashley E. said...

I'm SO jealous!!!! I want a van SO bad!!!

hollie marie said...

Woohoo for new cars! My hubs & I are looking at getting a new (to us), bigger car. Fingers crossed!