Monday, March 21, 2011

Girls are so much fun!

We had an eventful day today! We went to Farmhouse to get some ice cream and see the train!

Then we went to visit Adam at his office (excuse the no makeup!!)

Annabelle worked hard

and so did Adelyn of course!

Then, we went to the park to play!!

Next, we came home and watched our 1 Max and Ruby and everyone took a nap!!

oh and ate some chicken too!

After naps we played dress up. Here is a narration of how things went.

In the picture above:
Annabelle: I look soooo pretty!

Adelyn: I hate this pink dress!!! Help me!

Annabelle: I look just like a princess; I am so pretty!

I think I am going to sing like a princess!

I guess I might hug my sister since that's what princesses do right?

Nevermind, I'll push her down but pretend like I didn't do it.

Adelyn: I'm so over this!

Ok, this was totally fake obviously but if you know them, you know this is their personalities to a "t."

Tomorrow I will take more pictures of my mom too!

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Ashley McWhorter said...

What a FUN day! Gotta love girls! :)