Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A not so Uneventful Half Week

This week has been uneventful (as much as a week can be uneventful with a one and two year old! Ha!) My camera battery is dead and so I have just been taking iPhone pics. I charged my battery today so I will be back to taking quality pictures in no time.

Anyway, Annabelle was dying to wear the high heels I wore to church when I got home. She is so hilarious!

On Monday morning, I pulled out this mirror from the basement and the girls spent a lot of time looking at themselves on Monday!

Annabelle got this fun fairy outfit from Nita and she ran around pretending she could fly for an hour. She wore it for 2 days straight.

Adelyn enjoyed herself a muffin Tuesday afternoon. (I just love those cheeks!!)

This morning I just couldn't resist taking a picture of Annabelle sleeping. She looked so sweet (and she kinda looked like she was in jail with those bars.haha)

Adelyn begged to turn on and off the lights.

She would squint her eyes when she thought it was going to get dark.

Dora's Ballet Adventure came on last night and so we watched that 3 times today. Annabelle wants to go back to dance class so bad!

Annabelle wore her high heels again of course

And she pee peed in the potty again this morning. I made her this little sticker poster for incentive. There are still only three stars on it in case you were wondering.

Annabelle did wear panties until she had an accident and then a little while later tried to go potty again

And then about one she laid down on the ground and said, "Mommy can I wear a diaper please." I told her yes of course and that I was proud of her and that whenever she decided she wanted to go to the potty to let me know and she could have a chocolate and put a sticker on her chart.

Well, I guess thinks are as uneventful as they seemed! Happy Hump Day!!

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