Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day/ Playdate!

I LOVE holidays! The only problem with this Valentine's day was that I got another stomach bug on Sunday night :( so I slept until 2:00 pm the next day! Crazy I know but my sweet husband still got my flowers and chocolates and a sweet homemade card!!

I just did a few little homemade decorations this year for fun!

I made Adam a card and got him these candies that he found and opened before he was supposed to! I didn't get a chance to give them to him until that night when I was feeling better!

Adelyn got a sweet little stash

and so did Annabelle!

I love making little cards for them! It makes my day probably more than it does theirs!

This morning Annabelle got to open her "presents" and of course her favorite was the "liplocks" as she would say.

She insisted on putting it on me

and then herself. :)

She also loved the fruit roll ups and the card. Her and I are so much alike it's funny.

I was trying to read Adelyn her card while she was reaching for her puppy. haha

She loved her fruit snacks as well.

After our Valentine's Day morning, we had a church play date over at our house. We had lots of treats and sugar to make the kids super hyper. haha

These were all the valentine's we got from the valentine's exchange! SO fun!

Adelyn sure did enjoy her lunch today! She always looks like this when she eats peanut butter! haha! Anyway, even though we didn't get to celebrate Valentines on the day we were supposed to, it has been really special all day today! I feel like today Adam and the girls really know that I love them and that's what is important!! In the words of Annabelle, "Happy Valentime's Day!"

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Ashley said...

How FUN! I love the homemade decorations!!!