Thursday, February 10, 2011

Annabelle's "No More Paci Party"

So, this morning when Annabelle woke up she looked at me and said in her little Annabelle voice, "Momma, I too big for a paci."

These words were not all that surprising to me because that is what Adam and I tell her every time she wants a paci and it is not time to go to sleep

but the past two nights while I was putting her to sleep she has threw her paci across the room. So, I decided she was probably telling me she was over the whole paci thing!

So, I told her that tonight after dinner (if she was a good girl all day haha) that we could have a "No More Paci Party."

I'm sure people have done this before but I just thought of it on the spot and knowing Annabelle's personality (a lot like mine where praises go a long way!) I knew a party telling her how great she was and what a big girl she was would probably do the trick for good!

All day she kept asking me to sing "Happy Birthday" to her paci hahaha so I came up with a song that was to the tune of Happy Birthday but the words were, "I'm so glad you don't have a paci, I'm so glad you don't have a paci, You're such a big girl, you don't need one. I'm so glad you don't have a paci." haha Whatever works right?!

And tonight, we cut a paci in half, Annabelle took it to the trash can, threw it away, and as promised, got to eat a cupcake.

She was beyond excited! And like mother like daughter, all she ate was the icing off the top!

I love celebrating the little things with the girls. What a great day!


Heather said...

haha, too cute!

Ashley E. said...

Yay Annabelle!!

Ashley said...

What a cute idea! LOVE it ;)

Erin said...

She is way to cute :) Love the Paci Party!