Monday, January 24, 2011

A Winter Day with A & A

I took A LOT of pictures today. I was a tad bit bored. I am one of those people who really enjoys getting out of the house and it's just not doable every day in this weather so we decided to stay in today. Adelyn has been trying to use a spoon. She is so funny; she has actually started getting some food in her mouth.

I gave Annabelle an apple with nutela for lunch and after she was finished I gave the plate to Adelyn because I knew it would be funny and it was. :)

We spent some time with good ole watercolors today. This was Annabelle's first experience with paints. She liked it a whole lot. She couldn't grasp the concept of cleaning off her brush but I really didn't expect her to yet.

I gave Adelyn a crayon and a page to color while Annabelle was painting but I looked over and she was trying to spit out the part of the crayon she had eaten. haha. So, I gave her broccoli instead.

We have started this new thing where the girls wait for Adam to get home and look for him out the window. It's so cute. I had to take a picture of them waiting and watching today.

These pictures were my second attempt at a Valentine's card. Who knows what I'll do but I better get on it since I am leaving in a week and a half to go to Jen's wedding!!! To say I am pumped is an extreme understatement!

And this is the Adelyn face. I said on facebook that you gotta love all the snot. It's just that time of year! Adelyn makes this face all the time and we just crack up!

When Adam got home we ate our dinner and then Adam did Starfall with the girls. I am so proud of Annabelle; she is doing so well with her letters, colors, and numbers!

So, I have two funny stories I want to write to remember. One about each girl. First, Annabelle was walking around in her high heels tonight and I said, "Annabelle, you look so pretty in your high heels" and she said, "Momma, you're pretty." I said, "No you're pretty Annabelle" (like we do I love yous back and forth) and she said, "Momma, best friends" I said, "Me and you are best friends?" and she gave me the sweetest smile and said yes and we hugged. It was so precious!

Adelyn tonight got out of the bath and we came downstairs to read some books before she went to sleep and she went crazy over the Usborne Book "That's Not My Dolly." She kept talking and talking to it and she brought it to me to read it over and over again probably 20 times, no joke. I realized that the thing she loved most in the book was the teddy bear stuffed animal on one of the pages because she kept wanting to turn to that page and kept shaking her head yes to it. It was the cutest thing. I love it that I am starting to figure out her little personality and that she is a little spitfire.

Well, off to play Just Dance! I'm pumped!

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Ashley E. said...

Addi can't decide if she likes nutella or if she doesn't. Some days she gobbles it up and others, she could care less. Haha!

Do you make the girl's shirts? They are so cute!