Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sugar Bowl

Well, I'm sure everyone knows that last night was the Sugar Bowl.... Arkansas vs Ohio State. They have never ever played before and so it was so exciting for us!

Our good friends, the Millers asked us if we wanted to come over to watch the game with them! We were pumped! The Millers are so great; they are the family who let us borrow their fan to go to Memphis for Thanksgiving AND Christmas!!

This is what we saw when we got to the door! haha! They also had BBQ for dinner appropriately.

and Beth made this poster. Even though I am not a fan of what it says, she is so talented!

Sweet Ashley got her wisdom teeth out on Monday and so she was a little swollen and we just couldn't help but poke fun a little :)

And Derek fell asleep in the middle of the game, poor guy!

Well, it was a good game but a sad ending. Oh well, maybe Arkansas will get another chance sometime to beat those Buckeyes!!

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