Saturday, January 22, 2011

Photo Shoot and Oatmeal Spill

Last year Annabelle and I made homemade valentines and I would love to do that again this year and so I attempted to have a photo shoot today to try to get a picture to put on the valentines. It was funny to say the least. I got out sprinkles, sour patch kids, chocolate, Dora, and Elmo in hopes of getting some smiles. I didn't get hardly any but hey, it was fun trying! hahaha!

This morning, Adelyn got the tub of oatmeal out and decided to spill it all over the floor.

Right when she did, the girls ran over to all the oatmeal on the floor and started grabbing handfuls of it and eating it like they were starving. It was hilarious! I seriously couldn't stop laughing.

They ate and ate until there were no more piles. I just couldn't stop them; it was too funny!

I guess you can tell there is not much to do in Ohio in the winter with a two year old and one year old...haha! What a day!!

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Ashley said...

The pic of them kissing is priceless! Love it!