Friday, January 7, 2011

Mom's Visit

We had such a great time while my mom was here! She had the bright idea of trying to potty train Annabelle while she was here so for a whole day we let Annabelle run around naked to see what happened. She was hilarious. She would go and sit on the potty, wipe, and then get down and say, "We did it." haha without going number 1 or 2! haha. She's totally not ready yet but it was worth a try!

One of the nights mom was here she let Adam and I go on a date! We went to chili's! It was so nice to get out and not have to worry about the kiddos!

Another day, me and mom took Annabelle to the movies to see Tangled. She loved the movie experience. You could tell she felt so special that we were taking her to do something without the baby and treating her like a big girl!

We told Annabelle she could pick any drink and any candy and she picked a blue iccee and some fruit snacks. It was just too cute. To this day, when I take her upstairs to get dressed and I open her drawer, she points the the skirt she wore than day an says "going to the movies." It is sooo adorable!

Adam kept Adelyn for us while we went and when we got home this was the outfit she had on, pink tights and a coat. It was hilarious!

We also went to McDonalds and played on the play ground.

Annabelle wanted Adelyn to slide with her over and over again. :)

And the last night mom was here, New Years Eve, we went to Jerry's House of Hunan because Mom wanted Chinese food for her birthday (Mom's birthday post is HERE). The next day, New Years Day, we celebrated her birthday with oreo balls and then she had to go home. :(

What a fun visit we had! I can't wait until Spring Break when we get to do it all over again!!


Abby said...

I am laughing so hard about the outfit adam put on your daughter! haha!!! And how fun about the movies! I love that she remembers what skirt she wore!

just the two of us! said...

this sounds so fun! your girls are too precious!