Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last Christmas Post

This is the final Christmas post. It is really just pictures from the last night few nights we were in Memphis.

Adam and all his brothers were elated that we were taking their picture! haha

Marmie and the girls had a blast.

Adam got his bbq fix a couple times while he was in Memphis.

It was wonderful to see JoBeth and sweet Eli (who we had never met before this trip!) in person!

All of the kids and Mr & Mrs Fisher's stalkings. :) The grandkids stalkings hang in the kitchen fireplace but I forgot to take a pic!

Dad and Nita came to say "bye" to the girls the last night we were there.

Everyone loved Braley. She was such a sweet baby!

And Benj and Adelyn basically became BFFs :) (He would love it if he knew I said that!)

The girls had their last cousin bath and of course had a blast!

One more pic of me and Riann! I am so excited for her and Benj to have their first in March!

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