Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy 13 Months Adelyn!

Adelyn you are now 13 months old and you have gotten so big! Once you starting walking there was no stopping you. You are on.the.go. I call you my wild child because you have so much energy and yet it's so sweet because you love to cuddle too!

You make the silliest and funniest faces. It is like you are already a little entertainer like your daddy. Speaking of your daddy, you are absolutely smitten with him! You adore him to pieces and choose him over me ever single time. (Don't worry it doesn't hurt my feelings; I think it's cute!)

You love to play with your sister, snuggle with blankets, run all over the house, eat, and watch Umi-Zoomi. Oh and lately you have loved to sit in the little red rocking chair and play. The highlight of your day is usually when the dogs come out from the house across the street. You run to the window and bang on it and say, "dog." We think it is so cute and just one more way you are just like your daddy!

You have a little temper. I say it is from all the times Annabelle knocked you over when you were helpless but you have no problem now screaming, pulling, or biting Annabelle if you need to. haha.

You are a very determined little girl and although that makes it tough sometime, I really like that about you. I know you are going to do something great with your life especially when you decide to follow Christ.

Yesterday I took you to the doctor for your one year visit. We switched doctors and I think you like the new doctor a lot. There were lots and lots of toys to play with in the office! You were in the 60% for height and your head circumference and 50th% for weight. The doctor was a little worried you are not getting everything you need (like calcium) since you are intolerant to dairy and so we are going to go through the rounds on different kinds of milks again to see if you won't like something. I think maybe a little chocolate in some milk might help a bit! :)

You have been teething lately and the doctor even looked back in your mouth and said she could see 5 teeth trying to come in right now! Wow!! You aren't sleeping all that well but for what you are going through and where we have been, we will take it, hands down!

Adelyn, your mommy loves you so much. I think every day I couldn't imagine my life without you in our family. Your chubby cheeks and big smile bring such joy to my life. I love you precious!

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Anonymous said...

your girls are absolutely precious & I love your blog (I just stumbled upon it!). I did want to let you know some car seat tips for the little ones (I am in the process of becoming a certified car seat safety tech). The straps should go into a slot at or below shoulder level, can not be twisted, should not be able to be pinched vertically & the chest clip should be between nipple & armpit level. I hope it helps! I know you want those sweet girls safe!