Sunday, February 28, 2010

Best Invention Ever!

Backseat DVD players save our lives! Annabelle is watching her Baby You Can Read DVDs and loving it! Praise the Lord!

And eating her some dinner :)

And Adelyn's chillaxing

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy 17 Month Bday Annabelle!

I can't believe that Annabelle is almost a year and a half old! In some ways it has flown by and in others it feels like an eternity in a good way, as in, I cannot imagine my life without sweet Annabelle! It seems like I have always had her with me!

Here are a few pictures I took of her today:

I could not get her to cooperate very well and I never ever let her get on the couch with her shoes on but I did this time in hopes of getting a good pic! I know I'm that weird! :)

Annabelle looooves reading books right now. I think one of the reasons she has transitioned into sisterhood so well is because a lot of tines when I'm nursing she just brings me book after book to read to her (or she has me read the same book over and over and over again.) I am glad she wants me to read to her though; I really do enjoy it!

Another new thing with Annabelle is that she is trying to talk! It is sooo cute! Here is another video of her words! I just love how she loves to say ,"mommy" and "daddy!" It really makes my heart smile!! Annabelle had also started saying ,"me" when she wants you to hold her which is sooo cute!!

I hope one day Annabelle can read this blog and know how very much I love her, how proud I am of all the little things she can do and how thankful I am to God for blessing me with a sweet little girl like her!

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Friday, February 26, 2010


We had another great day today! This morning I got some much needed cleaning done! I am having visitors this week on Thursday and I have much to do before then but I did get a little bit done while Adam was off and able to entertain the girls.

After naps we decided to go to Chick-fil-a and the closest one is in the Tuttle Crossing Mall! Sooo, off to the mall we went. I have to say that it has been snowing for the past few days and it was snowing pretty good when we left an the mall is about 25 minutes away; I can't believe we live that far from a Chick-fil-a! Anyway, we made it just fine, we only slide once and it was under a bridge where it had iced.

Of course I took lots of pictures; here are some of them!

Adam and his baby doll

Smannabelle enjoying her some chicken
There is this cute dog shop in the mall that has a real dog in it and AB loooved it of course. I stayed away of course!

I wish this wasn't blurry but so cute! Annabelle looooved walking all over the place and meeting people!

There is a really cute little shop called the Itsy Bitsy Place (I think) They have all kinds of toys for sale and you can play with them! Adam and Annabelle played in here while I nursed Adelyn.

Adam said Annabelle really loved pushing the baby in the cart! Love it!

Sweet Adelyn!!

Me and Adam in the car.
Oh and I have to share this story. A lady at gap totally made fun of my headband! She said, "Oh mom has a bow on like you!?! (to Annabelle) haha I thought it was funny and all I could think was I know I wouldn't get made fun of in the south! :) Oh well!

The mall was fun but this was our 25 minute drive home video

Believe me I don't think it is funny but what can you do in the car but laugh when they are screaming! I used to get sooo stressed when Annabelle cried as an infant in the car but getting stressed really doesn't help so now I try to just laugh and take care of whatever right when we get home....

and this is Annabelle right now. She will not go to sleep! We put her in her bed and she got herself all worked up so she is now up almost an hour past her bedtime and she is being a true woman, she is multitasking, she has her phone under her chin while drinking her water. She must see me do this...hilarious!

I am praying for a good night's sleep! We haven't had one in a whhhiiillle!!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Etsy Site!

My new site is finally ready!! Yah! It can be found at

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award!

I was so surprised and honored to receive this award from Amanda! Adam and I had the opportunity to go to Israel with her and her husband in April of 2009 and we really enjoyed getting to know them! When I really started to blog at the beginning of the year I found her blog and really enjoy keeping up with her and her sweet family. Her description of me said that I loved a good picture like her! It is so true! I don't think many days have gone by since I have had Annabelle that I have not taken a picture of her and now Adelyn! Anyway, thank you Amanda, I am honored that you chose my blog for this award! The rules for accepting this award are:

1. Post the award.

2. Thank and mention the person who gave you the award.

3. Pass the award on to seven bloggers whom you think embody the spirit of the Kreativ Blogger Award.

4. Name seven things about yourself that others do not know.

5. Don’t forget to notify the seven Kreativ Bloggers about their award and post a link to their blog.

Here are seven things that you might not know about me:

1. I am scared of dogs and live in a suburb where 90% of people have 2 dogs.
2. I loooooove high heels, the really high kind but don't wear them because I'm scared of dropping my babies.
3. Adam and I "dated" in the seventh grade.
4.I went to school for 3 and a half years to be a dietitian and then changed my mind and got a basic Liberal Arts degree.
5. I was 100% sure that I was having a boy when I was pregnant with Annabelle and I was 100% wrong.
6. I became a personal trainer after college.
7. I have run 3 half marathons. (I'm not brave enough to do a whole :) )

I pass the the KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD to these people:

1) Emily from Perfectly Imperfect. Everything about her blog is cute and unique.
2) Brittney from It's a Wonderful Life. She has just started blogging and her thoughts are fun, insightful, and a lot like mine!
3) Cara from Cara's Chit-Chat. She writes about everything going on in her life with honesty.
4) Julee from matt.julee.romeo. Another honest writer, a true southern girl who is beautiful on the inside and out
5) Rachel from Doxology Mine. Her writing style is witty and charming and her family is precious.
6) Lauren from a fit foodie. She journals her food choices for the day and writes about becoming a healthier version of herself.
7) Erin from The Moore Diaries. Her blog encompasses many things including, her family, her faith, exercise and food choices.

I am totally cheating and adding 3 more blogs to receive the award.

8) Heather from Heather Bug. She is a godly mother of a college student who is extremely fun and loves pictures almost as much as I do.
9) Bobbi from In Her Shoes. She is a health nut (in a good way!) Her blog shows pictures of her food choices, logs her workouts, and gives lots of great tips!
10) Candace from The Jerkins. Candace is funny and insightful and did I mention funny?!

(I realized I should've linked the blogs and not the people above...ooppps!)

I love so many blogs but these are the ones I am passing the award to! Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do!

I love Playdates!

It has been a good day! We were able to get out twice today even if it was snowing all day, it wasn't bad enough to keep us in. When I first had Adelyn everyone said it would get easier after a few months and I have to admit there were a few times I really didn't believe them, but I do now, things get easier every single day and I am soooo thankful for that!

This morning we made a play date with Merm and Ryley (or Mary Emily as most people call her, my nickname for her is a long story for another time.) We went out to their house and I have to say that the snow was beautiful out in the country. I can't believe I am saying that snow is pretty at this point, having 30 inches this month but it truly was gorgeous. There is just something about it that was so peaceful on my drive this morning.

Anyway, at the Moseley's house they have this play area in their basement. I have to explain for a second, every house here in the north has a basement. It is just how the houses are. My guess is that they figured out that a) it's tons of extra storage and b) it's a great place for kids to play in the winter that lasts so long and is too cold to get out. Pretty smart in my opinion. Adam, the handy man, is working on finishing ours right now and I am excited about that. I have been meaning to post pics of his progress for a while. I need to do that. AAAnnnnnnyyyywwaaaayyy, we played in the basement this morning it was so fun. Annabelle is finally big enough to really play with Ryley which makes it fun for them and me and Merm!

I have to say the pics are not the greatest today bit that's ok at least I took them I am telling myself :)

This is them playing. Annabelle has a fake hot dog in her mouth?!

Merm helping Annabelle down the slide! (I was trying to get Adelyn to go to sleep. I wasn't torturing the pregnant girl on purpose.)

Then Merm let them jump on the guest bedroom bed and they had sooo much fun. I had to pry Annabelle off the bed to leave to go eat lunch!

Adam does youth on Wednesday nights so he gets to come home from work a little early to be with us before he goes for the night and this is him and Adelyn, so sweet!
Lastly, I ventured out and went to Walmart tonight. We din't need a whole lot so I thought it would be a good time to try to take both of the girls. Yes, I am now that lady with the HUGE cart and the screaming kids at Walmart! :) It went well though. I think Annabelle liked sitting in the big girl seat and it didn't hurt that I gave her a sucker for each hand!! Note to self: no more blue suckers, blue gunk is everywhere now! I was so glad it went well though, I just need the confidence to know I can do it and I got that tonight!

It seems like it was only yesterday that Annabelle rode in the cart sitting up without the car seat for the first time....time just reminds me to really enjoy every minute (I can! :) )

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A little sneak peak :)

I don't want to be obnoxious but I am super excited about my new etsy site. It is not all ready yet but I am close! Here is a sneak peak of some of the items on it!

We are totally obsessed with clippies right now because a lot of times Annabelle pulls out her bows but won't pull out a clippie for some reason. I didn't want just usual clippies, I wanted some fun, different, girly ones so here's what I came up with!

Some fun Eastery bows

Infant hats with bows
Toddler Hats (with or with out bows, without pictured obviously!) I am still working on the 5 inch bows, the 3 inch look pretty small on the toddler hats in my opinion.If you would like one of these items before I get the site ready, please feel free to email me at and I would love to help you!

Happy 2 Month Birthday Adelyn # 2

Today we had two outings! Yah! It made the day sooo much better to get out twice!!

This morning my pastor's wife Jen texted and said Kim was coming to her house for a meeting and so I was welcome to come over too to let the girls play and to get out! I said "yes" of course and we went to play; it was good for Annabelle! She needs to be around other kids more and she had lots of fun!

After naps it was time for me and Adelyn to go to the doctor! Adelyn weighed 11.2; she has gained 2 pounds in a month! She is in the 52nd percentile for length, the 55th for weight, and her head circumference is 31 percent! It is funny because Annabelle's head was always way bigger than her body and Adelyn is the opposite!

Adelyn got her first set of shots and we did end up getting the Hep B vaccine. (Mostly because I had researched it and found out all the ways you can get Hep B and decided it was best.) I am not for or against shots for you. I feel like everyone has to make their own decision about it and the thing I hate the most is someone judging someone else for them doing what they feel is beat for their child. Aaannnnyyyywwwaaayyy, the shots were sad, i have only heard her cry that hard 2 other times and thats when annabelle hd hit her with something, but I know it is for her good. I didn't get very good pics but here they are:

This next pic is after shots :( I would have gotten a before shot but I was late sooo no time

And for comparison purposes here is Annabelle at 2 months

And I'm going to post another one of Adelyn from yesterday so I can see their faces compared better

Ohh and here is Annabelle doing what Annabelle does! When I take her clothes off in the morning she likes to run off with just a diaper so I let her run around for a while usually. She is watching her favorite, Miss Patty Cake or Miss PC as Adam and I call it when we don't want Annabelle to know what we are talking about! :)

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday Clothes!

Somehow, the girls and I matched yesterday for church. Now believe me, I would definitely fess up if I had done this on purpose, I didn't but I loved it anyhow!! We had a great day worshiping at church, Adam went to our baptism service while I stayed with the napping girls and then we had small group. We are really enjoying our small group. We even stuck around just talking for forever, everyone just gets along so well!! So here are our pics from yesterday!

Before church

The bow I made for Annabelle. I'm not sure if these will go on my site or not.
Sweet Adelyn

Me and the girls
me and shmad

I don't know why my camera was so fuzzy. Oh well! I wish I could write more about small group because I know the lesson was awesome tonight but I did not get to listen to it because of the girls! Oh well; I'll just have to borrow the DVD sometime because I missed the first couple and these lessons are just too good for me to let them slip by!

Ohhh and I have totally been cheating on my no desserts since Valentines day completely threw me off!! I have got to get back on the bandwagon I have still got a ways to go to lose these last lbs! aaannnnddd I was trying to give up white bread or white flour for lent, not because I'm Catholic but mostly bc I like a good challenge and discipline but I caught myself eating wheat thins and those definitly have white flour and I can't go without my wheat thins so I guess in a way I give up. I am still going to try no white flour except wheat thins (I know it doesn't really count then...ha!) oh well!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy 2 month birthday Adelyn!

Yesterday Adelyn was 2 months old!! She gets more and more fun everyday! She has started smiling like crazy and her favorite person to smile at is her daddy! She's already a daddy's girl!

We had a photo shoot of course! This was the best I could do! :)

Sweet sisters

I had to post this picture of Annabelle taking off her bow!

Sooo sweet!

I can't wait till tomorrow for two reasons. First, Adelyn has her 2 month appointment with Dr.
Justin and Christi and Lawson (sister and brother in law) find out what they are having!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fridays with Daddy!

I loooove Fridays because Adam is off work! We had a fun day today! First, we had a photo shoot of course! :)

Annabelle would not look at me, of course :)
Annabelle saying Papa Daddy but not together.

All the words that we could think of right then that Annabelle knows how to say, sign, and point at.

And this is sweet Adelyn smiling! Love her smile; she is such a happy baby.

Tonight we went to Dublin to get some supplies for my new store! So excited! and then we went to Mongolian Barbeque. It is the neatest place. I had never been there before but Adam had. They have a buffet of all the meats and veggies and sauces and then they cook everyone's on this stovetop.

This is mine! Yummy!! I got steak, broccoli, corn, mushrooms, parsley, and carrots. If I had room I would have gotten more veggies; the veggies looked so good but the greens bother Adelyn's little baby tummy so it's probably better I didn't.

I got ginger sauce and it was soooo good. Here is my plate. Me and Annabelle shared. She loved it; I knew she would; she's a veggies kinda girl.
Our family. This is a picture of our family and I think it's hilarious. We are all looking different ways of course.

We asked the Moseley's to come with us. Ryley Jean was not wanting her picture taken.

The best dinner distracter ever! :)
Sweet pregnant Merm. Doesn't she look great!!

It was a great night! Annabelle and Adelyn both did good out to eat (it's a miracle!)Can't wait for tomorrow and another day with Adam at home to help me!! Oh and I forgot to mention that it was 37 degrees and the sun was out; the sun just made the day so much better! I am looking forward to seeing it more soon!!