Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Recap aka The longest post of all time!

We had a great weekend! We were all recovered form the stomach bug which was great and we decided we were going to go out and have fun! :)

Friday night we went out to eat with our friends James and Maly and their kids. It was fun and the girls were good for the most part. I got this mushroom pizza and it was soo amazing!! I know that probably sounds gross to some but it was so good I can't stop thinking about it! haha!

Like I said in this post, we have so many Christmas clothes so I had to dress the girls in Christmas clothes this weekend! I LOVE this dress Adelyn wore on Friday night. I think it was one my mom sent from a consignment sale! The sleeves were just precious!

Annabelle prefers me right now but Adelyn is a daddy's girl through and through. I wonder if that will stay the same or change with time.

It snowed pretty hard on Thursday night and so I never would have guessed that it would be warm enough to melt it all away and we could play outside but it did and Annabelle had a blast outside.

Every now and then she runs to the door and screams, "Outside" because she wants to play outside but obviously we just can't because it is too cold. Friday it was 40 degrees and we can bear 40 degrees for sure!

After we went to eat we went to Shiloh Chapel for their live nativity scene, crafts, and free cookies and drinks. It was cooooooold but I loved the live nativity scene. Props to those people who stood outside in the below freezing temps for that!

Annabelle and Ryley had a blast together of course.

Saturday we went to a birthday party for Miles at McDonalds in the morning.

Annabelle was sooo cute. She would go and play for a bit and then run over to me and say, "missed you Mama." It was the sweetest!

I love it that she talks so much now! This picture of the baby is hilarious. We thought Annabelle was drama but Adelyn so far is MUCH worse....haha.

She has such pretty blue eyes though! No, seriously, she is a sweetheart, she is just dramaful for sure!

I asked Adam to get a picture of Annabelle and Miles and this is what he came up with. haha. Happy Birthday Miles. Annabelle really likes Miles a lot these days and I'm glad they like to play together so his mom and me can hang out! :)

After we got home, Annabelle kept asking for the ornaments out of the pitchers on the kitchen counter and then I saw why. She wanted to hang some ornaments. I thought it was cute so I left them.

Every now and then she puts them on and takes them off again and of course hides them so the baby can't get to them! haha!

I was trying to get pictures of the girls and Annabelle wanted Adam and I to sit in her lap! Why? I have no idea but we both did it. (I just somehow didn't post the picture of Adam and I don't want to post it now and add another picture to this very long post. :) )

It was Adelyn's first time to wear pigtails and I thought they were funny and cute! I am so excited about seeing what her hair is going to be like when she gets a little bigger because it looks like she is going to have lots of curls like her daddy! SO cute!

On Saturday night we went to Polaris to get our picture with Santa. I will save that picture and story for another day but it was really fun!

On Sunday I decided to dress the girls in their Christmas outfits. I knew when I woke Annabelle up that morning for church and I said she was going to wear her Christmas outfit that she would be super duper excited and she was!! It was cute so I took her to the basement so she could see herself in a full length mirror. (The mirror was super dusty! haha sorry!) I liked this picture of her though!

I didn't get a picture of them just being still looking at the camera of course but it did get some good action shots.

I love it when they love each other and they are doing that more and more often these days!

Sunday night we canceled our small group because hardly no one could come and so we got to have a relaxing Sunday and I loved it!

It is soooo cold here. The weather said it feels like -4 right now! Yikes!! But, we have lots of stuff to to this week so we are going to have to brave the cold! (I really don't mind because I just can't stay inside for too long; I just don't like it!)

I can't believe that #1 Adelyn's birthday is in 1 week!!! I can't believe my baby will be one! and #2 that Christmas is right around the corner and we are going to Memphis soooo soon! Crazy Crazy but oh so fun!!

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Brittany said...

How precious are your two girls! Goodness:) You are very blessed! I just found your blog! I love it! Take care, and Merry Christmas!