Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Playdates, Peekaboos, & First Steps!

Warning: TMI involved in this post! Don't say I didn't warn you!!!

Yesterday this sweet little girl went with me to the doctor. Long story but she had to come with me to the girl doctor...yep. It was crazy to say the least. I will not even begin to post all the funny things she said while we were in there. I just can't. At least my doctor has a two year old so I totally feel like she understands and it was ok.

I love this little outfit btw! You can see Adelyn in it in this post. I monogrammed the "A" on it since Adelyn has worn it if it looks a tad bit different.

Today, it was sooooo cold. The weather said it felt like -4 when we left our house! Crazy! The funny thing is that I could not bring myself to put my coat on! I know I sound like a crazy woman but I get sooo hot getting the girls ready and then trying to get them in the car etc that I am either sweating or almost sweating and so the thought of a coat....I just can't do it! ha!

We went to our church's annual Christmas play date where the kids decorate cookies and make ornaments. Annabelle was not into coorporating on the making the ornament thing so there are no pictures of that! But, she loved the cookies of course!

Adelyn ate 3 cookies before I could blink. You think I'm kidding but I'm not! She loves her some food!

Annabelle really did have a great time. I love how she says "wrinkles" for sprinkles. It's cute!

I was so glad to get out even though it was so cold because it always makes the day better and I always enjoy spending time with my Living Hope friends!

When we got home I caught Annabelle and Adelyn playing a game of peekaboo. It was so cute! I seriously love it that they play together now! (I tie Adleyn's dress up so she can crawl in case you are wondering why it looks like she has a tail! haha!)

Adelyn has started taking steps on her own; I can't believe it!!! She is by no means walking just taking a step every now and then and definitely more frequently. I bet she'll be walking by next Monday (her birthday for sure.)


Adam got this video on his phone. There is a better one but this is the one he e-mailed me today. You can be assured the other one will get posted. :)


Ashley said...

Oh she will be a full time walker in no time ;) yaaaayyy!!!

Brittany said...

her polka dot leggings are So cute and we have the same curtains!

Ashley E. said...

So exciting!!!!

maggie sheridan said...

Ashley, did you make that beautiful green dress? If you did, what pattern did you use? My little Caroline needs that - it is just beautiful!

The Bells said...

Your girls are so precious! I'm sure you have your hands full (I do with just one!) but they are worth every second! Hope you have a Merry Christmas.