Saturday, December 4, 2010

LH Staff Christmas Party

Last night we had the church's staff Christmas party. The guys are hilarious. In order, this is James (Children's/Youth Pastor), Jeremy (Lead Pastor), Adam (Worship/Media Pastor), and Gary ( Associate Pastor.)

All these pictures were just hilarious so I had to post them all. Someone needs to write a commentary to all of them; it would be so funny. If you know these guys, you know that they are just so goofy and funny when they are all together! If only we had a hidden video camera at their offices! ha!

The wives and Jocelyn. She is actually on staff; she does some graphic design work for the church.

We had a great time. It was Mexican themed and the food was excellent!! Merm cooked some bean and beef enchiladas and there was really really good guacamole dip!! Yummy!!

As I have mentioned several times, this is Merm; she's my best friend here. Her mom sent this curtain behind us with Marmie when she brought Annabelle back! I always love Merm's taste in clothes and decorations etc! Her house is so cute and unique! I love it!

Cadan holding Adelyn. He is such a sweet big brother

and Carol and Oliver. Oliver is seriously the sweetest baby ever. Precious!

These last two pictures are from last year's staff party. I found them and just had to post them! I was soooo pregnant in this picture! I was walking around 5 cm dialated...haha!! Merm was pregnant too!

I am so thankful for the opportunity for my husband to be on such a great church staff; what a blessing!

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