Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Adventures in TN

Little Evangeline was soo precious! We had not seen her since her first birthday and so it was sooo great to see her. Her personality is so cute. She just loved to be around all the family!

We did a lot of swinging on the back porch at the Fishers. All of the kids seemed to be in a transe when on the swing.

One night we went to see some Christmas lights. Annabelle and Eva loved holding hands and walking with their mommys.

Braley and Marmie decided to jump in too!

Isn't thi house awesome. I bet we sat and looked at it for 20 minutes! We kept finding more things we hadn't noticed. The girls loved it!

Sweet Barrett and Jobeth are used to 100 degree weather like every day and so the weather in Memphis was a little bit of a shock to them. When we got to the Fishers I put a coat on Evangeline and she looked at me so funny and then I realized she didn't know what a coat was! haha!

We had lots of cousin baths. They all did good unless the spashing got out of hand in which Annabelle had a cow.

My sweet friend Bethany came to visit me the day I made all the cupcakes for Adelyn's party! She was excellent company!

Braley had a good time with all the cousins too! She was such a sweet baby!!

Annabelle and Eva kept running around saying, "best friends." It was adorable!

And of course Uncle Benj loved the sweet girlies! He's so awesome!

This picture cracks me up! John Ezra is the cutest isn't he!?!

The four babiest baby's of the bunch! I tweeted yesterday that we left the 6 days in Memphis with 10 adults and 6 kids 2 and under semi-sane which is sooo true! haha But we really do cherish any time we get to spend with family! We had a such a great time and we are so glad that all the kiddos will have cousins their age to play with for the rest of their lives!

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