Thursday, December 30, 2010

Adelyn's First Birthday Party

"Happy Birthday to you, baby" as Annabelle would say! We had a GREAT first birthday party for Adelyn in Memphis last Thursday!

We always attempt a family picture! haha! I love it; good memories!

My sweet birthday girl loves her paci and I am in not hurry to get rid of it! :)

Adelyn is such a daddy's girl! She also prefers her Papdaddy and GePaw over almost anyone!

We call this face the "Adelyn" face. She makes this face sometimes because she is upset and sometimes for no reason at all! It is always so funny to us!!

We got Adelyn to say "one" and we thought it was hilarious!

Sweet baby with her mama.

Annabelle and Evangeline had a lot of fun at the party too because there were tons of little kiddos running around!!

Uncle Benj was so sweet with all the girls! I would not be surprised if he had a girl himself in March!

Adelyn spent the majority of the party chasing after the dog. She LOVED Jangles, the Fisher's dog. He was not so much a fan of her but it was cute how much she liked to chase him!

Adelyn can walk but she loves to hold people's hands too! :)

We had LOTS of people at the party. Somewhere between 50 and 60 people came to celebrate and we were more than excited! We got a chance to see some great friends from Memphis and have all of both of our families in one place!

Sweet Braley enjoyed the party as well!

My amazing mommy and Grandmother, Nanny, drove 6 hours just to come to the party!

Other than both of our families, my good friends, Bethany, Morgan, Jessica, Landon Kaylee, and Peyton, and Ben, Audrey, Jack and Jovie were able to come! Also, Adam's good friend from high school PJ Tashie and his wife Lindsey and their twins Hobson, and Pete came too!

I made this huge cupcake for Adelyn and I painted the "one" red and my step mom gave me the adorable candle. I used food dye to color the cupcakes red and green.

Adelyn was so dainty as she stuck her fingers in the cupcake.

It seemed like she just liked the icing like her mama!

I loved the green icing all over her face.

Love this sweet little sweet tooth girl.

I so much enjoyed getting to have the party in Memphis surrounded by close friends and family. It made for the most special party. I could not have asked for a better time or turn out!

This last picture is a funny story. I could not decide whether to do favor for the party and finally decided to make these little homemade treats of pretzels, candy cane kisses, and green Christmas m & ms and then I put them in this basket and totally forgot to give them out to most of the people! ha!! OH well! We enjoyed them for the rest of the week!!

I hope to never ever forget these precious memories! I love you Adelyn! Happy Birthday!!


Ben and Audrey said...

i loved that you had Ad's party in Memphis. it was great to see everyone & your family at the same time! wish we could do that about once a month! ha!

i noticed how sweet Dempsey & Benj were with your girls. so adorable. i love that they love them so much. such a blessing!!!

you did a fabulous job with the party, it all turned out so adorable. we love your girls & can't wait to see all of you again!

Paige Tillman said...

Sweet memories, Ashley. Love to read your blog, even though i don't know a lot of the people. Your girls are precious!