Monday, December 6, 2010

14 more days...

So, I have had the stomach flu...yuck! But, despite all of that yuckiness in our house, I am getting super duper excited for Adelyn's 1st birthday party!! We decided to have it in Memphis because there we would actually be able to celebrate with our family!! Yah!!!

This is Adelyn's invite. I love it!! I have also been working on a birthday, hat, shirt, tutu, and bow, birthday banner, and cupcake toppers for her!

The shirt, hat, and tutu are what I have completed thus far. (Sorry for the iphone pics!)

Whew! I get tired even writing all of these things! I guess when I started all these ventures I didn't realize how close to Christmas all of this was going to be and how much work I would have to do not only for the party but for Christmas too BUT and a big BUT here I am sooooo glad I am doing all of this for her! I know she has absolutely no idea what is going on (except that her dream is going to come true when she gets to eat an entire cupcake! ha! If you know her, you know this is true!!) Anyway, my family always made birthdays really special and I hope to do that for my girls as well and doing all of this is kind of my way of doing that!

Love you sweet Adelyn! Can't wait for your birthday! I cannot believe your birthday is in 14 days!!!


Ashley said...

LOVE the invite and outfit !!! Super cute ;)

Leslie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I see we have some mutual friends!
Btw, I have ordered my little one a similar tutu, shirt, bow/hat for her bday in Jan. I am trying to make her invite...we shall see! Birthdays are so much fun!
I love blogging and finding people with similarities!
Merry Christmas to you and your family.