Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankful for a Memphis Visit

Two days was just not enough time in Memphis BUT we are so glad we had the chance to go and spend that time with our friends and family! Yesterday Adam's parents went to Little Rock for the annual Critz Family Reunion.

We usually go to Little Rock but we couldn't last year because I was 8 plus months pregnant and this year we needed to come back to Marysville to be back for church because we are missing the Sunday after Christmas.

Adam says that next year we are for sure going to the family reunion. Well just make it happen!! :) See it is much more fun than a usual reunion. The guys play in a golf tournament and the ladies have a walk they go on and then on Saturday night there is a family dance!!

Anyway, back to yesterday. Adam's parents went to Little Rock and my parents went to work so we just hung out and went to do a little shopping.

That afternoon our sweet friends Sammy and Kimberley came and brought us McAllisters AND a check for 1,000!!!!!! Ummm yah, they had spread the word that we needed a new car and people off of Twitter that don't even know us donated money!!! How incredibly awesome! I definitely reared up a bit!! Another reason why technology isn't all that bad huh?!?

Adam and Sam watched the Alabama/Auburn game with my dad, the girls took 3 hours naps!, and me and Kim went to Starbucks!

I am so sad I forgot to get a picture with them!!! That afternoon Jess, Landon, Kaylee, and Peyton came over. Annabelle just LOVES Kaylee! I don't think she remember's her but I could be wrong because they just have a really special friendship; I know that sound funny but I mean you can tell they just really enjoy each other and they even share with one another!!!

Kaylee really liked Adelyn too!! she would laugh and say, "baby." It was so cute!!

I just adore Kaylee's curly hair!!

See what I mean about the love. It was precious!!

Jess was so beautiful! She is one of the greatest people I know!!

I was so glad she brought little Peyton over because I hadn't met her yet!! She was a beautiful, sweet natured little baby! I wish I could be around all of our friends more!!

We are excited we are coming back for Christmas though! We will get to spend a lot of time with Adam's brothers and their children which will be so fun!!

Last night I had some good cuddle time with Annabelle because I knew I was going to have to leave her today. This morning we left Annabelle with Gigi and Gepaw. I boo hoed my eyes out for a few hours! I know she will be fine but I will miss her a whole lot!!! I is so good for the both of us and for Adelyn! I definitely want to do something really fun with Adelyn this week since it is just me and her! Any ideas??

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