Sunday, November 14, 2010

Outside Fun!

Friday I got to take Adelyn to Walmart by herself. She had such a great time. We have never spent much time with just Adelyn alone (except maybe in the middle of the night ha!) so it's always nice for me to take one child and Adam to take another and so we can spend some good quality time with each. Adelyn did so great and she looked so cute eating her crackers!

Friday afternoon we got to spend some great time outside. Adelyn was sleeping and so we got to play with just Annabelle and she had a ball. It has been too chilly and windy to play outside and soon we will not be able to play outside anymore (at least for 3 or so months) so we definitly took advantage. Annabelle and I got tans on our face (a much need tan for me! :) )

Annabelle is talking so much more these days and she would tell me and Adam who she wanted to push her and then she would say, "Mommy's turn."

Friday night we went to the mall and let the girls play in the playplace there. Annabelle did a lot of sitting on daddy's lap

and Adelyn did a lot of playing and thinking she was big enough to play with the big kids. She stands but won't step by herself yet unless you are holding her hand.

Saturday morning Adelyn took a nap on daddy. How sweet is that?!

While Annabelle and mommy had a tea party in our jammies.

I'm just obsessed with these little pig tails. I just.can't.get.enough. So this will not be the last picture of them. :)

Saturday afternoon we visited our favorite cupcake shop. They were having their second anniversary and so we got to taste some samples and Annabelle got a balloon!

After that, we went to the park for a picnic. Isn't that sweet little baby the cutest! Adelyn had a great time eating (her favorite hobby right now)

And Annabelle had fun playing playing playing

On Saturday night Adelyn had her very first bowl of chili. She had a whole bowl's worth!! She LOVED it and I love that sweet face! :)

Isn't the last picture of Annabelle soo funny. She is hilariously scared of everything (hence the video at the bottom.) Gotta love her.

We had such a fun weekend!! I'm so glad we enjoyed the beautiful weather before the snow comes!! :)


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Heather said...

The tea partie and pig tails = too cute!!!