Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MNF / Visit with the Picketts

Monday afternoon Adam, the girls and I traveled to KY! One of Adam's best friends Sammy Nuckolls bought him a ticket to the Monday Night Football Game in Cincinnati and he was so pumped! The Bengals lost :( but Adam said they had such a great time and I was so glad for him to get to do this!!

I thought this was a great opportunity to see Brit and Presley so Adam dropped me off at Brit's house and went to the game and came back and stayed with me when the game was over. :)

Presley is such a cutie!!! She acts just like her mommy, so fun and full of drama and I LOVE it!!

Annabelle was so cute all the way to her house. She was saying, "Presey's house. Presey's house." It was so cute how excited she was and when we got there they really got along soo great!!

Presley had a power wheel and Annabelle LOVED it!!

Sweet Aunt Brittney probably 20 books to Annabelle. She's a sweet auntie!

As you can see most of the pics I got were action shots. What can you do with a 2 year old, a 13 month old and a 10 month old! haha! Seeing Presley at this age brought back memories of Annabelle when Adelyn was born because Annabelle was 14 months then. It's so crazy how much things have changed for us in the last 10 months!! I am so glad Annabelle and Adelyn will have each other to play with as the years go by!

AND guess what we found on the way home!!! One of my simple pleasures in life, MCALLISTER'S DELI!!! This is my favorite place ever to eat!!! Ahh I was so excited; it made me miss Memphis for sure but I was so thankful to get to eat the yumminess!! We put the girls in a booth together and it worked well and they were cute. :)

Brit and I stayed up taking until 2:00 am!!! We had sooo much fun talking about everything from marriage and cellulite to our old college times!! I love Brittney so much; she is an irreplaceable forever friend and I'm so thankful I got to see her and spend time with her and her sweet family if only for a day!!!

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Ashley McWhorter said...

So funny that you love McAllister's. We have about 4 right around us. We go there often b/c they have kids eat free nights. :) What is your favorite thing to eat there?