Saturday, November 6, 2010

Maddie's 1st B-day Party

Today is game day!! and the best part about it is that the girlies are asleep and Adam and I get to watch the game without having to watch the girls...hahaha!

My mom sent these sweatshirts for Halloween and Annabelle LOVED hers because she thinks it is a coat for some reason and she is obsessed with coats.

She is also obsessed with this little tea set!!

and picking her nose!! haha! I like this picture of Adam and Annabelle because Adam sooo loves picking his nose too!

Sweet kisses

and more!! I love it that Adelyn will kiss you if you ask her to; she knows what it means! SO sweet!!

Tonight we went to Maddie's b-day party! It was so fun!! Adelyn and Maddie love each other and I hope and pray they are great friends one day!

Isn't she pretty!

Oliver Loved this little giraffe. Me and Merm were joking that it was the magic toy because Adelyn was good when she had it too!

I always love the clothes Abby has on! She has an aunt who makes her the cutest clothes!!

Doesn't that cupcake look great! Yum!

I guess Miles wanted to help Maddie blow out her candle. I can imagine Annabelle will be the exact same way!! haha!! It was such a great birthday party! Kim thought of the greatest ideas (some of which I might have to steal! :) ) She had us all make a scrapbook page for Maddie and she took a picture of all of us with Maddie before we left. It was really sweet and creative!

We are currently watching the Hogs play South Carolina on DVR; we are a little bit behind but I need to focus even though we are winning by 14!!!! Hope we win! Happy Game day to you!!

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