Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy 11 Month Birthday Adelyn!!!

Sweet Adelyn is 11 months now as of the 20th. She seriously is such a sweetheart!

Adelyn is now standing and walking while holding onto the table. She also stands alone and looks like she wants to take a step but she will only do it while holding our hand. I have no doubt she will be walking before her birthday!!

Adelyn does so good in the nursery at church now. I am so proud of her! She also sleeps about 12 hours a night (not always uninterrupted but hey we will take it!!) I cannot believe she sleeps soooooo much better than she did from months 2-8 and I am beyond thankful for the sleep!!!!

Adelyn follows her sister around everywhere and loves to play and bother her. ha!! :) Adelyn has started getting mad at her and pulling her hair some which is sad and funny. She always looks up at me like she is in trouble. She is getting smart.

Adelyn, LOVES to eat. No one can believe how much you eat. I know it's because you have completely weaned yourself off bottles and you can't have milk because it makes you reflux and bothers your stomach. (Mommy figured this out the hard way!!)

Adelyn has 6 teeth, 4 at the top and 2 at the bottom. It is making her look sooo grown up.

I cannot believe that in less than a month you will be a year old and that my next month blog post will be your birthday!! This year has flown by. Sweet Adelyn, I cannot imagine our family without you in it. Your smiles and grunts just make my day! I love you more than you; quit growing up so fast!!!