Sunday, October 3, 2010

Watermelon, Friends, and Date Night!

We have had a fun weekend! I got Annabelle a special treat, WATERMELON! She is obsessed!! She sat in her chair and ate and ate and ate! I thought it was too cute!

Friday night our friends the Hunter's came over. They have Reid and Freya. Annabelle had a lot of fun with them. We turned on the TV so the adults could socialize :) obviously it worked!

Reid the ladies man, giving the girls some love. This picture is so precious!

Annabelle and Freya are a month apart. I think they like each other at least I know Annabelle remembers her from church because Annabelle did not run away from her...haha.

Isn't she adorable. If you know me, you know I would love a red headed child. Unfortunately, it is not in my cards (there are no red heads anywhere in mine or Adam's family.) I just think she is the cutest.

and what about this little guy! He is a mini me of his daddy Dan.

so cute!

Saturday morning Adam had some guys come over and hep finish the basement. Annabelle got Dan's sunglasses and I guess she thought they were a bra! haha!

I'm so glad I got my camera out!

Saturday night Adam and I went on a date!!! Yah! Our sweet babysitter, Ashley, as coming over and she got this outfit for Annabelle so I dressed her in it for her. Ashley was thrilled to see it on her!

The only way I could get them to stay in camera range was give them snacks! haha!

Sweet cheesy smile :)

I think Adelyn's cheeks are growing every day. They are so precious!

kisses of course!

"We are the dinosaurs what do you think of that?"

Adelyn has started giving lots of kisses! We love it! Whenever Adam says, "dada'' she kisses him. So sweet!

Attempt at a family pic......

We went to Panara for our date! It was sooooo yummy! Panara is like my McAllister's here. I guess it is like I can live without McAllisters since we have Panara! (Now, my mouth is watering for McAllisters...ha!) Anyway, then we did a little shopping. Adam said I could get one thing and he could but I ended up getting three and he got none! What a great date, hahaha!

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Ashley E. said...

Your girl's are so cute! Looks like a fun weekend!