Monday, October 18, 2010

Super Sunday

Our Sunday morning started out with Annabelle waking up WAY earlier than she normally does. Adam and I were already up trying to get ready for Sunday so we set her up with cheerios, milk, and, of course, Dora, and she hung out for a little bit. I'm so glad she is old enough to sit through show now!

I dressed the girls in matching clothes on Sunday.

I hardly ever do this because it is expensive but these cute little dresses are form Target and they will be good for fall and winter and Adelyn will eventually wear Annabelle's!

In the nursery on Sunday, I came to pick Adelyn up and they said, "That Adelyn sure was busy today, she was everywhere and she can crawl so fast!" I wanted to say, "You have no idea." haha I kept that to myslef. haha She is busy busy though!!

They have so much fun together; I'm so glad!

Sunday afternoon I took a nap and it was marvelous!!! I always wake up from Sunday naps thinking it's morning I sleep so hard! Those are the best naps for sure!!

Sunday night we got to take a break from meeting at our house for small group and we met at some land where some of the people in our group keep their horses. It was perfect weather; we had a good time.

This was my dinner! I know terrible but we had hot dogs and I am not a hot dog fan sooooo I didn't mind having smores for dinner!!

Adelyn got up close and personal with a horse. She actually cried when she got too close. It was cute and sad.

Annabelle and Ryley had a picnic! I'm so glad they love each other!

This picture is a little bit deceiving. Adelyn probably spent a half a second on this blanket and then I had to keep her out of the fire, from putting grass in her mouth etc! ha! We left right after this because Adleyn started crying really bad and I couldn't calm her down. She is getting 3 teeth right now and so I know that's why. Poor teething baby!

Hoping we have a good week and you do too!


the miller mommy said...

Seriously loved those dresses! I still love it when the girl some way. I also think it is hilarious to see the shadows of all the adults in that last photo of Adelyn. :)

Jill said...

Love the matching outfits!! Oh, I just love them!!

Katherine Grant said...

Your girls are so sweet, I love looking at their pictures! Annabelle is really starting to look like you I think.