Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bible Time & Cookie Decorating

Adam has recently started reading bible stories to the girls. Of course Adelyn is crawling all around and could really care less but Annabelle LOVES it! She eats every second of it up and I think it is so cute! I am thankful Adam wants to do this with the girls; it's so sweet!

Today, we went to a pumpkin cookie decorating party at the Westbrooks house for our church's play date. It was fun and of course Annabelle loved decorating and eating her cookie!

She was very hard at work!

She kept trying to eat the sprinkles out of the can...haha!!

What a pretty cookie!

I gave Adelyn a cookie to eat because she was going crazy for one...I know I know I probably shouldn't have but I really wanted to enjoy my time with Annabelle so I gave in. Adelyn loved it. Adam and I joke that on her first birthday she is going to want to eat her whole cake because she has such an appetite and she begs and begs for sweets when we eat them! haha!

Other news with us, Adelyn has stopped taking a bottle. :( This is the forth day of it! I am going to try to put her formula in a sippy cup when she wakes up from her nap but I have a feeling that she is finished with bottles. :( Oh that reminds me I need to post Adelyn's 10 month birthday! I'll get on that!!

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