Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AB's first day of dance class

Today Annabelle had her first "official" day of dance class. They informed me last week that the class she as supposed to be in, the "Mommy and Me" class was canceled for lack of interest so they asked if I wanted to put Annabelle in the 2-3 year old class. At first, I said "no" because moms are not supposed to go into that class and I knew that would never fly with Annabelle but then I reconsidered. You only pay by month so I decided I would see how it goes and if it doesn't go well we can wait until she is older.

Before we left I tried to take some pictures.

Adelyn LOVES and ADORES her sister. It is so sweet!

Adelyn was very excited to go cheer her sister on at dance class. I can't wait until Annabelle and Adelyn can be in the class together! :)

Annabelle refused to wear her brown shoes today; she only wanted to wear her black shoes. I thought it was so funny that she cared and let her make the fashion statement she wanted to make! :)

Sweet girl. I love her to pieces.

Before class my stomach was in knots as if it were my first day of dance class. I was so surprised at how nervous I was for her. I told her all last night and today that we were going to dance class and we had been to the class this summer and so she sort f knew what I was talking about. I was surprised that when she saw the building she said, "dance class" and pointed at it.

She really did well in the class. She definitely wanted me there but that was ok with the teacher for today. I hope she will get more comfortable and not need me there but if not I have to remember that she is a little young for this class and that is ok.

They sang a lot of the same songs that they sang in the summer "Mommy and Me" class and so that was good. We still sing those songs at home and so it really helped that she was familiar with the songs.

"We are the dinosaurs and we are marching, we're marching. We are the dinosaurs what do you think of that?" Annabelle learned how to march this summer at dance camp and when they sang this particular song again she was soooo excited! I loved watching her have so much fun!

Her teacher was so great with the kids. She definitely tried to make all the kids feel included and I felt like that was important. I really liked her a lot.

Yah Annabelle! I am so proud of you for reaching out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Maybe this will be a wonderful beginning to a great hobby. If nothing else, you look adorably cute dressed up like a ballerina. I love you sweetheart, whatever you do I'm going to be there God willing to support you!


Jill said...

That is adorable. I love taking my oldest to dance class. I think its for my sake too. I used to live in Ohio but now live in Florida. Hope dance class goes well. Happened to find your blog through another friend.

Ben and Audrey said...

she looks so sweet all dressed up!! i think i would cry if i had to drop Jack off like that!! you are such a sweet mom! love you!