Friday, September 24, 2010

LH's Men's Tailgate Party

Last night the men at our church had the first ever Men's Tailgate Party. The men at the church we grew up in, had these annually and they were always a big success.

This is our neighbor Matt; him and another neighbor Brad, went with Adam last night. The whole event was such a great idea. They got a former Ohio state 2002 National Champion, Joel Penton, to share the story of how he became a Christian AND they had lots and lots and lots of food!! Perfect for a guys event huh??

They had lots of men there and many were challenged in their faith, and 2 people said they wanted to know more about a relationship with Christ!! I have no doubt that God will use this man's testimony to stir in people's hearts in the future.

Also, someone won four tickets to the Ohio State game on Saturday which are almost impossible to get these days especially since Ohio is number 2 and they also called out the one Michigan fan! haha! (SEC people OHIO vs Michigan is like Auburn vs Alabama...hardcore!)

I'm so glad the men got to go and enjoy themselves, eat, and be encouraged in their walks with the Lord!

(Adam took all of these pictures and of course did not get any of himself! :) )

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Jill said...

I love this. We miss being in Ohio for the games. We are going to columbus for the purdue game in oct. Do you go to any? I love that they had it at the church, I am not sure if Ryan would go to it if they did it down here in Florida as they are ALL gator fans. (he says he needs to focus on the osu game...ha)