Monday, September 13, 2010

Homes of Hope Kickoff!!

Our Sunday was good. Well, the morning part was rough. They are usually pretty good while I am practicing for Sunday morning worship but this day Annabelle was not good at all and I got really upset with her and I had to apologize. I was sad but I know it is ok; it is just going to happen when you have to practice to lead worship and take care of a one year old and a baby. Anyway, besides that, it was a good day.

This was Annabelle's cheese face. I love it; at least she tries to smile these days. She looks so much like my brother when she makes these faces.

Can you tell Adelyn is trying to crawl, haha!!

More cheese faces

I always take off the girls dresses so they can eat lunch and then nap comfortably. Annabelle found this boa. I got it for her for Christmas I think and she has never played with it. She was so cute strutting around with this boa on. I was loving it.

I also adore little baby bellies. I wish she never had to get rid of it. They are just so precious!!

Later that night we had our kick off for our "Homes of Hope" groups (which are our church's small groups.) Adam and I are hosting a group and I am excited; we are still tryong to figure out what we are going to do with all the kids. There are potentially 10 kids in our group! :)

I made everyone wear the smae clothes that they wore that moring because the washer is sill broken so when I saw there was watermelon I knew Annabelle was going to eat her heart our of some watermelon like she always does so I took her dress off (because last time it stained her shirt.)

There are some precious girls that love on Adelyn and Annabelle at our church. It is so sweet!

The guys or should I say men played football for hours. :) All the women were dying trying to keep up with all their kiddos. I guess that is how it goes...haha.

I really enjoyed getting to spend some quality time wtalking with some women from our church. I love it when you get to the point where you can be real with people. It makes life so much sweeter. I am very thankful for my church family.

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