Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy 27th Birthday Adam!!

Today is Adam's 27th birthday!! Sunday's are always his craziest days so last night I got his present wrapped and had it waiting for him because he wakes up way earlier than I do on Sundays.

I got to snap a picture before he left; he LOVED his new shoes!! Yah!! I never do well getting him presents and so I was so glad he liked these!

I don't know what my deal was but I just didn't want to take pictures today (like I usually do at least. These are all Iphone pics.) Anyway, so after church we went out to eat! We NEVER hardly go out to eat especially on Sundays because Adam stays at church till about 12:45 and the girls nap at 1 BUT since it was Adam's birthday and he got to pick what we did, he decided he wanted Chinese food. Sooooo.....

We went to his favorite place here, Jerry's House of Hunan. They have the best ever sesame chicken! It was HILARIOUS. Our friends, the Hunters came with us too so it was my mom, Brit and Presley (12 months), me, Adam, Annabelle (24 months), Adelyn (9 months), Dan, Amy, Fraya (2), and Reid (3)! It was beyond crazy BUT sooooo fun and funny!

Adam had a great time and that's what really mattered!

This picture sooo does not do our mess justice! It was sooooo bad and on top of that, the girl that had to clean it up was visiting our church! We felt terrible but my mom gave a super big tip to make up for it so I think it was all good!

Tonight, my mom gave Adam his two cards. It is an inside joke between my mom, Adam, and me about the Twilight saga because Adam is not a fan like mom and I are, so, mom got him two Twilight cards! haha! Oh mom!

Happy 27th Birthday Adam! You are a wonderful husband! I honestly don't know what I would do without you! Love you!!

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