Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fantasy Football Draft! Ag Mem Visit Pt 3

The Saturday we were in Memphis the Fisher's hosted the annual Fisher Family Fantasy Football Draft. (Adam planned the timing of this trip well huh?! :) ) All the Fisher "boys" get up early and play golf and then come home for Marmie's "famous" Apricot Chicken Recipe with homemade rolls, mashed potatoes and home made desserts galore!

This year Ben Williams was in the Fantasy Football league and I was sooooo glad because that meant that his wife, Audrey, one of my dearest friends was able to come and hang out with me during the drafting! We have kids the same distance apart and they are only a few months apart in age so we just really understand each other's lives and it is so refreshing!

Jovie and Adelyn already know how to fight for toys. haha!

Sweet little Jack! We always joke that it would be awesome if him and Annabelle got married!! Isn't he the cutest seriously!

Annabelle put this hat on herself and went up to the draft board to play with the draft stickers. I thought it was so cute, like she was helping with the draft or something!!

Adam and Jovie

Uncle Benj and Annabelle just chilling. Sweet uncle benj let Annabelle draw all over his folder.

The sister in law's that were there. We missed Jobeth a lot! Her and Barrett are in a forgein country as missionaries.

me and sweet Christi.

My friend Audrey. The one with the cute kiddos!! Adam said his team was ok; I hope it's better than that because he can win a alot of money in this league. (One year he won the whole league and won over $700! See what I mean)

I was so glad that I got to spend some quality time with my friend Audrey and my sweet sister in laws while the boys were busy busy!

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Jill said...

The draft pics crack me up. Why did I not take pictures of my husband during the draft? ha...always next year..