Thursday, September 16, 2010

August Memphis Trip Part 4

I left off a few pictures of Jack and Annabelle in the last post so I decided to post them here. Annabelle loved playing with him, or actually they kind of did their own thing but were nice to each other which was a good thing. :)

We also took these pictures that night. The daughter-in-laws that have kiddos with them.

Marmie and Papdaddy with all the grandchildren that were in town.

Annabelle showing Ezra how great Dora can be...haha on Sunday morning while everyone was trying to get ready.

John Erza...soo cute!

Annabelle just had to kiss him!

Sweet Adelyn and me on Sunday morning. It was such a weird and wonderful Sunday morning. We didn't have to be there until 10:00 (11:00 our time) and Adam was there to help me get the girls ready! It was great!!

We were all ready to go to church and I told Adam to put Adelyn in the car and so he did only in Annabelle's seat. It was funny but I know it was one of those things where you had to be there!

The only picture of my brother that I got. :( He LOVES the girls and is soooo sweet with them. I wish they got to see him more often!

PapaDaddy and Marmie and the girlies

Annabelle trying to pet the cat again.

and again. She was sooo happy she finally found Romeo and got to pet him!

Sweet Nita let Annabelle pick flowers form her flower beds! I know it made Annabelle really happy!!

We had to leave on Monday and so my two friends Morgan and Bethany came over to chat and hang out on Sunday night. Both of these girls are some of my best friends, they were both in my wedding etc etc and so it wa sooo good to see them and catch up in person!! That is the hardest thing about living here is being away from such great friends and family!

And here we are on Monday morning (excuse how I look in this picture please!) with my grandparents. It has become a tradition to get a picture with them when we come in town. We stopped by their house on our way out of town. It took much longer to get home, about 12 hours. The ride home for some reason is always harder than the ride there but I am glad we went and got to see all the wonderful people we got to see!!!

Memphis Trip Part 1, 2, and 3 can be found by clicking on the numbers! I am about to go and edit Part 1 with more pictures from my camera I left in Memphis but have back now!

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