Thursday, September 16, 2010

August Memphis Trip Part 2

My first Memphis post is HERE. I have postponed doing the rest of the Memphis posts for too long. I have no idea when anything happened anymore! Oh well; I will just caption the pics. I can majorly tell a difference between these pictures and my new camera. I guess I am really thankful for my camera!

Top Picture: Marmie and Annabelle, Picture Above: PapaDaddy and Annabelle

Trey (Adam's cousin's little boy) and JohnEzra

Some Fisher boys and family and friends playing poker. This became a nightly occurrence.

Adelyn loved meeting her new cousins

We really enjoyed holding a tiny, 4 weeks old baby. This is Adam and Braley.

Annabelle with Marmie's glasses on. :)

Every time we went to my dad and Anita's house Annabelle looked for the kitty that was there. She spent literally 90% of her time looking for the kitty. It was hilarious how obsessed she was.

Anita loved sweet little Adelyn. :)

We had never met this sweet little buddy. This is Rachel Fisher (a cousin) and her sweet little boy Judah. They just recently moved back to Memphis from Atlanta. I really enjoyed seeing them and I am sad that I did not get a good pic of their sweet daughter Elizabeth. E and Annabelle have the same exact hair color and type only Elizabeth's is longer because she is 3; it's crazy though; it was fun to see what Annabelle's hair is going to look like in a year or so!

Every single time I held Braley she went right to sleep. We decided to take a break from life and take a nap here. I love her and miss her so much already!

Christi, Braley, Marmie, and Adelyn. Adelyn looks like she is checking Braley out.

How fun will it be for all the cousins to play together one day!! Right now there are six cousins 2 and under so they will all be so close in age! I love that for them!! More Memphis posts to come!!

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