Sunday, September 26, 2010

Annabelle's Birthday Party Decor

Annabelle's birthday party was on Saturday. The day of the HOGS game and so basically we watched the game and the kids played..haha. It was a really fun party!

Of course, I took TONS of pictures so I am going to have to do three posts about her party so bear with me. :) The theme of the party was polka dots. I decided to put up my pitchers (that I usually decorate with) and fill them with all kinds of Annabelle's favorite candies! She LOVED this and asked for candy all day long!

Everything was decorated with bright colors. I spent a lot of time doing decorations but I really enjoyed every minute of it! It was so fun for me!

I made this banner out of scrapbook paper and computer paper and the letters are scrapbook letters. The ribbons is green polka dot ribbon. I switched it yesterday to say "Happy Birthday Adam" because yesterday was his birthday.

We got these flowers and bear from my dad and Anita! The bear is the softest thing I have ever felt!

I made little treat boxes for all the kiddos coming. They had sugar cookies with round sprinkles (like polka dots) on them. Annabelle helped me the best she could. Ok, so she mostly ate cookie dough, haha.

I also let the moms pour whatever kind of candy their child wanted from the pitchers to take with them!

I set up a table with pictures of Annabelle I cried when I first got it set up because I can't believe she is already two!

The cake....ummm...I hate to say this but it was not my favorite. I think I miscommunicated with the cake lady but really it was not that big of a deal. It's just a cake that gets eaten and I have to say that it looked pretty in our purple room! :) I got a wooden '2' from Hobby Lobby and painted it purple. I'm glad it looked ok!

I loved the little cupcake they gave her though!

I also made the little hat for Annabelle from those hats you buy at the store. I just hot glued on the fabric, the fluff, and the '2.'

I had Annabelle pose for pictures in her birthday outfit a few days before so I knew I would get a good shot! haha. I know that's funny.

That picture and the picture of us in the hospital, the first time I held her were my favorite of all the pictures.

I enjoyed so much decorating for this party! I can't wait for little Adelyn's birthday in December!


Ben and Audrey said...

you did a great job!!! everything looked adorable!

Jill said...

ADORABLE...just adorable. You are so good at decorating.