Sunday, August 1, 2010

They grow up too fast!!

The girls wore their Easter dresses today. I love these dresses and I'm so glad they still fit so well! (Annabelle's is a 12 month and Adelyn's a 3-6 month.)

I decided to look back at the Easter pictures and it is just crazy how much kids change in a few months. Adelyn was just a little baby and now she's a chunk (in a good way of course!) and is trying to crawl and Annabelle's hair has grown so much and just looks like an almost 2 yr old now!! They just grow up way too fast!!

Last night we went to Dan and Amy's house but before that we went to McDonalds with the Moseley's to let the girls play on the playground (like I said, my favorite place these days.) Anyway, here are the guys with the babies.

Adelyn and Oliver liked looking at each other so much! It was so cute!

I had a friend contact me about doing some Nutrition Counseling and I was so excited to jump on board with that. She lives out of town but we are going to do all of the counseling through e-mail and phone calls. I am just so excited to be doing something I love again! Well, that's all for now! I'm going to sleep! Night!!

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Claire said...

Such sweet pictures! Love those dresses!