Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First time swinging together

I took these pictures of Adelyn today. I feel like I could take a picture of her every day and she would change somehow in every picture, that is how fast she is growing and changing. I love her sweet little smile. She is starting to reach out for people now and I just love it. She reaches her little hands out when she wants me to hold her and for the first time she is going through a phase where she would rather have me than daddy. The only time this is a problem is when both of the girls want me and it is way too much for me to handle two crying babies.

I found these pictures on my iPhone when I updated it today of Adleyn and Annabelle when my mom was here. I thought they were cute and wanted to post them.

I also remembered that this was the first time they had both swang together at the playgroud in our neighborhood. It might have even been Annabelle's first time in the "bigger girl" swing. I wish I would have posted them when it happened so I would know for sure but oh well.

Love these sweet babies.

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