Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bear, elmo, cookie monster, lambys, and frog

I'm pretty sure I mentioned in an earlier post that Annabelle will not go to sleep without her stuffed animals. Well, we have added more animals to the mix. Now, Annabelle must have bear, elmo, cookie monster, lambys (there are actually two lambs), and a frog. I might just record her saying all of their names tomorrow. It is so cute. I just couldn't help but snap a picture tonight before bed.

and these are pictures of the girls playing with these wonderful magnets that teach the alphabet. They both love them.

Kelly did a "Show Us Your Life" tell us your testimony and I am still working on writing mine out to have it for the blog. I hope to have it posted soon!


the miller mommy said...

It is shocking to see how Annabelle is changing and growing so fast! WOW! I miss you but know you are being loved on through prayers Miss Ashley!

The Bells said...

Cute, cute girls! I love the picture on your blog header of Annabelle kissing Adelyn on the head. :)

Heather said...

I visit your blog sometimes through Kellys Korner. Your girls are adorable! I just found it ironic that my daughter, Sophie, also sleeps with not just one, but two lambs, and she calls them lambys also!She is 3 and has had them since she was a baby..she couldnt live without them, in fact we tried to replace them with a new cleaner looking one and she refused! Love it! :)