Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Always, Sometimes, and Never

I Always

let my phone go dead
like to get out of the house
get really excited when I get to take a nap
pray no one gets hurt when I leave the room
love watching '19 kids and counting'
match, even pjs
take pictures
miss the girls even when I'm away for an hour

I Sometimes

dislike talking on the phone
drink way too much coffee to stay awake
tell Annabelle the same joke over and over
again bc she's the only person who has ever laughed at a joke of mine
get obsessed and cannot do anything else until my house is clean
forget how blessed I really am
cannot believe I already have two kids
write people back on fbook
sit and think about how much fun I had at OBU

I Never

sleep well anymore
mind hearing Annabelle try to sing
thought I would have girls
want to forget what the Lord has saved me from
keep in touch with people too well
sing very loud unless I am leading worship
win against Adam in any game ever
ever get sick of Adelyn smiling all the time

I saw this on this blog and thought it was so cute and decided to try it. :)


Shannon said...

love this... and we love 19 kids and counting. ha!

brae&joey said...

this is a cute idea!
Your girls are precious and I love little kids laughs, they are so contagious!