Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rach's Wedding Festivities Part 2

Rachel and Stephen's rehearsal was one of the fastest ones I have ever been to. It could have been that I was so late that I missed a bunch of it because my dress broke and Brittney and I had to sew me into my dress but anyway, it was short and went well!

The happy couple

lighting the unity candle

practicing the exit

Sweet Crystal and Nick, Style didn't have a camera so I took a few pics for them.


The actual dinner was amazing and of course Presley was perfect! I think she might not be real she is such a perfect baby, no I'm kidding but Brit is so blessed she is so well behaved just naturally.

Some of the friends at the dinner.

Ok, so this cookie was made by Sister Schubert's daughter. She now has a cookie making business; I so didn't try my cookie but I have no doubt it was delish because if you have ever tried Sister Shubert rolls they are too die for good!

At the end of dinner, a few people stood up and shared nice stories about Rach and Stephen. The sharing time is always my favorite time of rehearsals. It was a sweet and very memorable time! What a yummy and fun rehearsal dinner!

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