Friday, July 9, 2010

Mommy & Me Dance Camp

I took pictures every day at dance camp or if not at dance camp before or after dance camp because I enjoyed so much dressing Annabelle up for it! I really explained all we did in dance camp in the first post about it so I will not explain all over again; I just wanted to post the pictures and videos!

Tuesday Annabelle wore this outfit and insisted on wearing her zippy bands on her arm. She is too funny!

Wednesday sweet Kimberly took pictures at dance camp for me.

Annabelle did this a lot. I think it was sensory overload or something but she would get confused and just hug me.

Thursday I decided we should match! I loved the idea but I have a feeling some people thought I was a little overboard...oh well! :)

Annabelle got this lovely outfit from Kimberly. She brought all of us little treats! She is so sweet! I love this dress; me and Kimberly decided we both wanted one in our size!

Annabelle had fun but I think she will enjoy it a lot more next year! I am excited about that and maybe even sweet Adelyn will want to join in next year!

video video


Kelly said...

Dance camp!! so fun - I wish we had that here!!!
And I held up that yellow and blue dress at target the other day and thought it was so cute!
I support matching!!! You can only do it so long! :-)

Lauren said...

Ashley! What a sweet, fun mom you are to do dance camp with her! She may not always want to wear coordinating outfits, so I say do it while you can! =) I danced and taught dance all up until college. I hope someday I have a little girl to do this with! Actually, Spencer has some amazing pirouettes, and he is free to become whatever he wants, including a dancer, but it will not be because his mommy made him do it! Haha!