Saturday, July 3, 2010

The girls first trip to the movies!

On Tuesday my mom and I decided to be brave and take the girls to the movies. You have to know my mom to understand how much she adores going to the movies and she just couldn't wait any longer to share her love for movies with the girls! :)
She wasn't feeling like getting her picture taken that day so she took mine with the girls in front of the concession stand. We took them to Toy Story 3 but not before getting almost everything on the movie menu!! haha! We had hot dogs, a pretzel, a large popcorn, drinks, an icee, and m and ms; it cost 33 dollars and the girl that "rung us up" actually laughed at the total! We just decided if we were going to do it we were going to have to go all out!

Here is sweet Adelyn intently watching. I think she was a bit overwhelmed by the humongous screen.

Annabelle loved sitting in her own seat with her popcorn, fruit snacks and icee!

Adelyn liked playing with the popcorn. At one point she actually had her mouth on the rim of the popcorn. (She's teething.) It was HILARIOUS!!

They made it for about 90 minutes and then we had to leave. I still want to see the end of the movie though because the part I saw was so cute! After we got home we went outside to blow bubbles. Annabelle has to hold the wand herself. We have had a few tantrums about this and so my mom brought this bubble thing were she can't spill it. It was genious!

Me and sweet Adelyn. I sent this picture to Adam from my Iphone. He wanted me to send pictures everyday and I tried the best I could.

I sent him this one too! I hope she always loves to smile like this!

All and all it was a great day! It is now Saturday night and my mom left yesterday and I miss her sooooo much! Thanks for our fun trip to the movies momski; it is definitly something I will never forget!

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